Good friends help each other! We are your friends for musical life. If you have questions, need a recommendation or it's just time for a check-up, we are your partner. We would like to share the knowledge that we have acquired over many years with you.

For us, it is not only the perfect on-site consultation that counts, but also the opportunity to attend workshops. Our repair shop is also at your disposal from Mondays to Fridays during business hours.

Repair Shop

Craftsman’s Know-how

Of course we are not only your partner for the right choice of instrument. Both our professionals and the craftsmen in the repair shop are absolute specialists in their field. We offer the craftsmanship and experience to maintain your woodwind instrument in the best possible condition.


If you have questions about the correct tuning of your clarinet, we are ready to find a solution for you:

  • Correction of tone holes (enlarge, reduce)
  • Precision of the twelfths
  • Sound balancing across all registers
  • Perfection of ergonomics
  • Tips for the professional handling of your instrument


In our workshop we offer maintenance and repair services for clarinets, flutes and saxophones. Here you have the choice between general overhaul and partial service.

General Overhaul:

  • Completely dismantle, clean and polish the instrument
  • Oil polishing, smoothing and sealing the bore
  • Replace all corks, felts and pads
  • Set the risers and spring pressure
  • Remove axis tolerances
  • Lubricate and fine-tune mechanics
  • Sealing control
  • Practical test by professional clarinettist
  • Price: from € 390,-

Partial Service:

  • Sealing control
  • Replacing loose or missing felts/cork
  • Adjusting the pads
  • Adjusting the mechanics
  • Checking the joints
  • Testing the attack
  • Price according to amount of work and in consultation with you

If you are interested in our consulting and repair services, please use the contact form.

Workshops & Mentoring

No-one is born a master. Whether you are a professional or an amateur musician, our knowledge is at your disposal. We are pleased to help you on your way to perfect tuning, offering both workshops and individual consultation concerning all kinds of tricks and fine adjustments.


In small groups, we work together to discover the best settings for your instrument. It goes without saying that we take individual requirements, playing styles and skill levels into account. Our professionals devote time and space towards the creative design of your mouthpiece.

At a glance:

  • Individual consultation
  • Practical assistance and technical support in the selection of clarinet, mouthpiece and reed
  • Technical examination and recommendations for the care of the instruments
  • Hands-on testing opportunity
  • Optimal coordination with the instrument
  • Quality check and minor repairs of clarinets
  • Expert tips for your personal playing style and the correct handling of your instrument.

For an inquiry please use the contact form!


With his many years of orchestral and stage experience, Martin Fluch is at your exclusive disposal during pre-arranged appointments. You benefit from the exclusivity of an individual consultation in which there is enough time to receive the correct answers to all your questions. The personal playing sensation is crucial and you yourself are the criterion for the appropriate mouthpiece. We try out different mouthpiece-reed combinations together with you to perfect the collaboration between you and your own instrument.

Cost of a MAXTON Mentoring Unit (approx. one hour): € 40 incl. VAT

If you are interested in our consulting services, please use the contact form to make the initial contact.

Rehearsal Room Rental

If you need just a little more space... 40 m2 rehearsal room with excellent acoustics, comfortable temperature and pleasant lighting all year round. A Yamaha grand piano is available, as well as enough chairs and music stands. € 10 per hour.

For an inquiry please use the contact form!

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