Art.Nr. 102105

Forestone - Gold Lacquered


Short facts:

• kompakter, warmer und moderner Klang für alle Stilrichtungen geeignet

• gebördelte Tonlochkamine

• Kältebehandlung (-196°C) von Hals und Korpus (Lösung der "Spannungen" im Metallgefüge)

• handgravierter Schallbecher

• Pisoni Polster inkl. Metallresonatoren

• Blaustahl Federn

• justierbarer Daumenhaken aus Metall

• ergonomisches Design

• hoch Fis-Klappe

"Introducing the flagship model of Forestone Saxophones, the RX Series. Featuring the significant Rolled Tone Hole with special mechanic construction to create a FOCUSED and BIGGER tone; engineered with Hybrid Post Construction and being fully cryogenic FVCT treated on the body and neck - for more power than ever. The Forestone RX Gold Laquered delivers faster response, has Pisoni Pads, real mother of pearl and is beautifully hand engraved on saxophone body and neck."